Makeup Course

Makeup Course
--- Class available every month ---

Personal makeup -  email us for more
(free product worth RM300!)
3 months duration
Course Content included :

Part 1 :
Skin Makeup
Hue Makeup

Makeup Basic:
-Eyeliner ( Pencil , Gel , Liquid )
-Brows ( Trimming & Drawing )
-Apply False Lashes
-Apply Double Eyelid

Part 2 :
Skin Concerns
Eye Concerns
Check + Highlight Concerns
Lip Concerns

Part 3:
Makeup Tutorials
Korean Makeup
Japanese Dolly Eyes Makeup
Romantic / Dating Makeup
Personal Makeup

Special Effects Makeup - email us for more
(Included product worth RM600! - Latex,Vampire Fangs,Blood,3D Gel Fleshtone etc...)
3 months duration

Course Content included :
-Character Makeup
-Fake Cut / Wound
-Zombie Effects
-Skeleton Makeup
-Vampire Makeup

Hair Accessories Class (Bridal Hair Accessories) - email us for more
(Included beads & tools )
3 months duration
Course Content included :
1)Bridal Beaded Hair Comb
2)Boho Bridal Hair Band / Hair Pin
3)Beads Vine Pines ( U-Pin )
4)Pearl Bead Headband
5)Vintage Beaded Hair Band

Terms & Conditions
1.If you are interested in the above courses. Feel free to contact me .
2.Prices above stated are meant to be for KLANG VALLEY & PENANG AREA.
3.You can adjust your own time but preferably booking first.
4.Prices stated are for individual. ( If you have 2 & above friends are joining - Special rates will be given )
5.You may use your own products during the classes.
6.Payment can be divided by 2 months / 3 months. Deposit = RM200 ( Deposit are not refundable)

Example of payment : 
1st month = RM200 + ( RM850--total of course price  / 3months x 1 months ) = RM483.33
2nd month =RM383.00
3rd month = RM83.00

7.Take 2 courses to get special rates!

--- Class available every month ---

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